I’ve been blogging (and later podcasting) about national security and technology issues at blogsofwar.com since 2002. There’s a much more extensive bio on the blog if you’re interested.

I have, well had, a presence on Twitter (@blogsofwar) but I was looking for a different short-form content solution even before its current problems began.

I’ll be using this micro.blog for short-form updates. Expect to see posts on AI, intelligence, disinfo, tech, space and the general state of the world as well as updates about site changes. From time to time I’ll venture into some random stuff about Korean (which I’m learning), music, stuff I’m watching, and other personal topics too.

Feel free to get in touch. Oh, and I’m @john@social.blogsofwar.com on Mastodon and @blogsofwar.bsky.social on Bluesky. Most of what you see here is cross-posted there.