I haven’t spent much time on Bluesky, or any social platform to be honest, but I did get around to playing with feeds there and built out a few if you’re interested:

Russia and NATO
Tracking discussions about NATO that include mentions of Russia, the Kremlin, or Putin

Tracking mentions of intelligence related keywords and a few agency names

Tracking mentions of disinformation, information operations, influence operations, deepfakes and other related terms

AI Ecosystem
Tracks mentions of major AI companies and products

New Space
Tracking mentions for dozens of “New Space” industry companies including Rocket Lab, SpaceX, Relativity, Firefly and others. SpaceX mentions are omitted due to the fact that they would overwhelm content referencing lesser known companies.

Rocket Lab
Tracking mentions of Rocket Lab, Its Electron and Neutron rockets, and its founder Peter Beck

Humanoid Robotics
Tracking mentions of humanoid robots and several companies leading in the space including Figure, Tesla, Apptronik, Sancuary, Agility and others

Rabbit R1
Mentions of the Rabbit R1 AI device.

You can follow me there at blogsofwar.bsky.social